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Rebecca's photoHi! I’m Rebecca. Thank you for visiting.

What you’ll find here is a variety of things that I hope will help you in quite possibly every aspect of your life, even if just a small amount. From fitness tips and recipes to maneuvering fast food chain menus and discovering your inner self, it’s all here (or at least will be!)

My mission is to help people like you get and stay healthy by making it a lifestyle. I’m not talkin’ quick fixes and gimmicks. This is the stuff that takes hard work, commitment and staying accountable. And I’m here to help you every step of the way.

The easiest way to sum up my journey into health and fitness is my passion for food. Wait, what? Yea, you heard me. The main reason why I workout is because I love food. I love to cook it, eat it, share it, enjoy it.

Food is the heartbeat to life. A lot of time and dedication is spent on food in this world, so why not enjoy it and embrace it?

I don’t like to label myself with just one adjective or noun; I’m not this or that, I’m lots of different things. Let me explain.

I’m a vegan, macro-tracking, video gaming, red-headed, youngest child, optimism-spewing, tattoo-sporting, food-loving cat mom. I kind of just do things my own way, and don’t give a rip about what other people think. I get that not everyone is going to connect with any of those things I just listed, and that’s OK by me. You do you. But, for those of you who do connect with at least one of those attributes, stick around and see how we can better each other’s lives!


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