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what working out gives me confidence

I’ve struggled with health issues for some time now and I can say wholeheartedly that finding my passion in fitness and nutrition has helped me in a tremendous number of ways!

I have PCOS, poly cystic ovarian syndrome. Basically it equates to an endocrine/hormonal imbalance. I’m more susceptible to getting diagnosed with diabetes (which almost my entire family has already), and I have a few other issues associated with it.

Since I’ve started working out and eating better, my symptoms associated with my PCOS have reduced ten-fold!

There are a lot of women out there that have PCOS and are struggling with the symptoms and other issues associated with it. To those women, I say, THERE IS HOPE!

You can live a healthy and happy life with PCOS.

Reach out to me if you need some help with your fitness and/or nutrition. Even if you dont have PCOS, I would still love to help. We can talk about your goals and I can suggest certain methods to achieve them! (Send me a message and tell me where you found me and your favorite food item. I don’t accept every friend request for privacy reasons.)

*I’m not a certified nutritionist, anything I recommend is just that, a recommendation. I cannot diagnose or treat any medical condition. I can only give advice based on my own experience and what I’ve learned looking through research on nutrition. I’m working on earning my Master’s of Public Health. Until that time, my services are free of charge.

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